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The Battle of Waterloo-Plancenoit 1815 ...

WWI Air War (September 2012)

This was a Wings of War game to test the play before December
Geoff organised and supplied the aircraft etc.

Below are a few words from Geoff about the game.

Firstly I wanted to thank all the guys that turned up, I wasn't quite sure how the game would be received, as most comments at the end of the day were very favourable, so I was pleased with that.
The playing mats ( except for one of the clubs wine sodden table-cloth, [used mainly in many of our Napoleonic battles] ) were from Hotz Artworks ( Canada), thankyou Eric Hotz.
The aircraft used were a combination of Wings Of war , Skytrex (U.K.) and Reviresco (USA),the wings of war aircraft come prepainted and sit on the clear plastic stands, the 2 other manufacturers are of bare metal and require being put together and painting , the metal stands are supplied from Corseng Engineering ( USA).
The game itself is a product of Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giogio Paglia, in which each aircraft has it's own flight charachteristics depicted on a flight card and the aircraft is moved according to the card.The base of the aircraft stand displays 2 alpha letters and 1 numeric, the first 2 letters indicate the flight card to be used and the second shows the type of damage it inflicts, whilst the numeric shows the amount of damage a plane can suffer before it is destroyed.
Our September meeting consisted of aircraft that were in service from mid 1917 to early 1918, most of these aircraft were still in service until the end of the war in November 1918, whilst newer aircraft were introduced after April 1918.
As it happened, unfortunately for the guys flying on the German side, it was more than a disaster, the Camels blasted the Fokker DR1's out of the sky, with 2 exceptions, that of the Red Barron (Thoran) and the red and white Fokker (Jasta 18) (Peter). The Pfalz and Albatros did not fare any better.
With that in mind, I'm thinking that for the December meeting, earlier aircraft will be used ( early 1917) and our first game should open with an advantage for the Germans having Albatros D3's and Pfalz D3's against Sopwith Triplanes and Nieuport 17's both of the Allied planes can only inflict "B" damage whilst the central powers inflict "A" damage. "B" damage is 0 to 3, whilst "A" damage is 0 to 5. Unfair!!! Well the allies and Central will get to have a go for the second game which will include Sopwith Snipes and Dolphins for the Allies and Fokker D7's and D8's, as well as Siemens Schuckerts D4 for the Germans.
Thanks once again, hope everyone did enjoy the game, am working on plans for a campaign that will include 2 seaters and heavy bombers.



3 The Red Baron, seeking Snoopy

4 French Spad and a German Pfal

5 French Spad and a German Pfalz could it be they are contesting a bottle of Bordeau

6 Snoopy is that you




10 Now I have you

11 And you too


13 This does not look good

14 Down you go

15 Allied revenge

16 Runaway, runaway



Some pulled lots of damage cards before going down while very few

This was mine, the 5 did it

WWII 15mm (September 2012)

This was a 15mm WWII game played by Paul and Lance.
Do not know what rules were used, maybe Rapid Fire.
See if I can get Paul o write something about the pictures.

An 88mm on the hill

Pillbox and a trench (roads by MWM)

Shermans on the road
British artillery

American infantry and a British Churchill enter the village

British 25pdrs
25pdrs preparing to give the Germans hell

British Shermans, one is a 17pdr armed Firefly

American infantry in the buildings supported by the Churchill
German APC the target of the Chaurchill

American M4A1 open fire on the Germans

German Sdkfz 251 APC's
Platoon of Tiger I's advance and fire

The village

A Hummel and it survived
Shermans taking some punishment

The Tiger platoon gets close to the Churchill

American M10's knocked out
The Churchill is gone and a second US platoon arrives

The German platoon attacks

What you have never seen the hand of God before

The US M4's have taken a lot of punishment
The Allies won the engagement because they held the objectives.
Although the Allies lost more armour and infantry.

1813 Napoleonic Game (August 2012)

Unfortunately I only took pictures at the start of the game.
I did not use my camera again during the day, too involved in the game.

French Guard cavalry on the right flank.

French Guard artillery
Corps Light cavalry division

French division
French brigade

French heavy cavalry division in the centre. This division was destroyed by all the artillery opposite.
Another French division

French brigade
French on the left

Prussian cavalry
British Guards Brigade, faced the Imperial Guard and did not fair to well

Prussian infantry, Guard Grenadiers and Jagers in the foreground

Prussian brigade

Another Prussian brigade